I've spent over 40 years playing with yarn and colour, designing and creating hand knitted textiles that please the eye and warm the soul.

Specialising in extreme knits made from 100% merino wool, EXTREMO MERINO is proudly grown, twisted, felted, dyed and hand knitted in Australia.

Browse my 'collection' for an extreme knit stitch that pleases you, in a size to suit your space and purpose, ranging from neutral tones to strikingly vibrant. 

Many chunky knits on the market are made from unspun wool that will pill, shed and break easily. EXTREMO MERINO designs are made from felted merino which is extremely durable with a very low pilling threshold. Merino wool is sourced locally from sheep farms in NSW, VIC, SA and TAS in Australia.

Invest in EXTREMO MERINO functional art and your family will enjoy a wonderful heirloom, bringing warmth and joy to your family for seasons, years and generations to come.

Please feel welcome to contact me if you have any questions about my extreme knit designs. In addition to the artworks you see in my 'collection', I also take small and large commissions. Email me your brief and I'll get back to you with quotes and ideas soon.

Thank you for supporting our local Australian farmers, mills and artists.
You can trust in our products and we appreciate you buying local and keeping the Australian wool industry strong.